Space Slugs Party

Vores metode

our goal

We aim to be the most awesome SWGoH misfits, drunks and low life scum this game has ever seen.

Vores historie

Our story

When Guilds was announced on the Official Forum, Our Founder Widget_Gaget(Widget_Gadget, yes he couldn't spell his own name), started recruiting for - Intergalactic Space Slugs and the Women Who Loves Them, sadly that name was to long for the game, so we ended up with the Name - Intergalactic Space Slugs, a guild for misfits, drunks and other lowlife scum.

Meet The Guild Leaders



Alliance Leader and
Leader of Intergalactic Space Slugs.


baba ganoush/duckstab

Leader of Space Slugs Grunt Squad and
Officer in Intergalactic Space Slugs.